1) What is Caips/Foss /Gcms report?
CAIPS stands for Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System. It is computer system used by all Canadian visa Offices/Consulates to process visa applications. Similarly FOSS (Field Operational Support System) is the computer system used by CIC offices in Canada. GCMS is Global Case Management System currently most of the Canadian Offices have GCMS system. Candidates with following situation will find CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS report highly useful.
2) When and why should I apply for CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS reports?
You should think about requesting for CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes reports if,

  • Your Application is refused.
  • You are awaiting updates on your application since long time.
  • You receive an interview request by CIC or Canadian High Commission.
  • For details related to medical examination and further progress.
  • Request from CIC or Canadian High Commission for additional documents, additional reviews in progress.
The CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes reports contain exact reasons with evaluation of your background. When you know exactly what went wrong or what documents are required or what which stage your application has reached you can identify the possibilities for successful application. These reports prove highly useful as you have means to improve your application status, you can be well prepared for next stage and thus improve your chances of getting a visa.
3) For which types of Application CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS is useful?
CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS reports can be availed for below categories, the list is not limited to below categories but it includes,

  • Visitor Visa or Temporary Resident Visa.
  • Student Visa / Study Permit.
  • Temporary Worker Visa.
  • Immigration.
  • Family Sponsorship Visa.
    Business Visa.
In addition to the above there are many other categories like dependent visa includes student, open work permit and spouse.

You can also obtain medical records or know the status once your medical is complete and process is taking much longer than usual time period.
In some case request for getting entire file of immigration is processed usually it takes 8-11 weeks of time, there are additional fees charged by CIC usually the process is time consuming and useful only if you need to know what all documents were submitted along with CIC status.
In case if you application does not fall in one of the above categories you can contact us at help@caipsfile.ca we will get back to you within 3-4 working days.
4) What is difference between CAIPS/GCMS AND FOSS/GCMS?
The only difference between CAIPS/GCMS and FOSS/GCMS is that FOSS (Field Operational Support System) is used for applications that are made from within Canada. It also includes past interview and conversation held at port of entries in Canada. CAIPS/GCMS is used by all Canadian Visa Offices / Consulates.
5) Why should I apply through Caipsfile.ca?
Caipsfile is authorized to request CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS to Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Including various Canadian Visa Offices. There are several other benefits for applying through Caipsfile.ca
  • Quick and easy processing complete online application so you can apply from anywhere.
  • You can verify your status regularly through online portal. Once you are a member of Caipsfile you can avail several benefits including immediate updates on your application status, wide range of complimentary services to choose, one point solution with complete guidance.
  • You need not courier your documents nor you need to visit our office for application the complete process can be done at your convenience i.e. at home or work place. The online system has complete transparency.
  • The payments method used by Caipsfile are secured and safe you can rest assure that information will not be saved nor can it be misuse.
  • You can avail premium service which includes CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes report, interpretation and recommendation. This is complete package giving exact reasons , providing interpretation of technical terms and codes and finally recommendation as to what should be your future course of action to improve application success ratio. Caipsfile has team of experts who have years of experience in this field you can benefit with their knowledge and advice.
  • Caipsfile offers special packages for agents/ consultants; we also offer discounts to agents/consultants who confirm to associate with us for long term.
6) How long does it take, average processing time for CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS?
It takes at least 30 working days to get CAIPS Notes from IRCC (CIC), but sometimes due to high volume of applications received by IRCC(CIC), it may also get delayed.
For Interpretation and Recommendation, it takes additional 4-5 working days after receiving the CAIPS Notes.
7) What documents are required to apply for CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS?
  • Passport copy first page /last page / stamp pages (Mandatory).
  • UCI number in a letter provided by CIC or Canadian High Commission. (If any*).
  • Refusal letter in case of application been refused – (if any).
  • CIC request letter for additional documents or for interview – if received (Mandatory).
  • Official Consent form 5744 with signature and date. (Mandatory).
  • Any other additional documents. (Optional).
Please make sure to include application number if you have one. You can also upload additional documents which you think might help in evaluation of your application. You can upload PDF/JPG/Word File in upload additional documents section of registration form. In case of any queries you can contact us at help@caipsfile.ca or send your documents via email.
8) What if I have lost my UCI number?
In case if UCI number is lost or unavailable then please prepare word file with following details upload the same in additional documents section of registration form.

  • Full Name, Date of Birth, Application submitted Date, Location of Submission i.e. high commission or consulate where application was submitted, Category applied for, any other communication details with CIC or Consulates.
  • In case of application with dependents the same details for dependents should also be included.
  • We will try to get your CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS with above details.
9) What is difference between basic service and premium service?
Basic service includes soft copy of CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS either one only. In premium service you can avail complete package including interpretation and recommendation. In Basic service you can only get copy of CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS.
10) What will I receive in premium service?
In premium service you will receive complete solution base package. We will interpret and decode your CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS report, further recommend you the best alternatives to get your application through successfully. Our experts will analyze and evaluate various pros and cons keeping in view the CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS reports, we will suggest you the best possible way to address your application updates.
11) Are there any alternative means for payment?
You can pay us through credit card/debit card via secured online payment portal Paypal. In case if you are unable to pay online you can email us to get alternative means for payment help@caipsfile.ca.
12) What will be procedure for online credit card/debit card or paypal payment?
Candidates needs to register with Caipsfile.ca on completing the registration form all mandatory documents are to be uploaded. Now you need to submit this form with necessary documents once you submit it you will be directed to online account wherein you need to click Paypal option and continue through online payment. For online payment you need to have Credit/Debit Card Holder Name, Card number, Expiry Date, Security Code and Billing Address Once the application is submitted and payment is successfully completed, you will receive an email confirming and acknowledging your application submission. Congratulations you are now member of Caipsfile.ca. Membership will allow to you to regularly check your online account for updates.
13) Can I apply for multiple applications, are there any additional charges?
Yes you can apply for multiple applications that were made by you in past along with your present application. There are no additional charges for it. Suppose you applied for open work permit but were denied visa, then you applied visitor visa which was again denied, finally you have spouse visa application in process this is taking longer than usual time you can get CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS for all three at a time, without any additional cost.
14) What details are necessary in consent 5744 form?
You need to add your details in Section A, in case if you have spouse then you also need to add their details in Section B. Please make sure to date and sign the form correctly to avoid unnecessary delay in process. Section C of the form should be left blank.
15) How to make sure all necessary documents are provided to avoid delay in process?
In addition to document checklist provided we would suggest you to upload all essential documents related to your application especially if you are availing our interpretation and recommendation service. At Caipsfile.ca team of experts will analyze your background through these details, with complete comprehensive details they will be in better position to advice you.
16) Are there any special packages or discounts for agents/consultants?
Yes we offer special packages and discounts to agents/consultants for more details contact us at help@caipsfile.ca

  • Abhishek Attri