Key Benefits Of Applying Through

The key benefits for requesting CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes report is that based on it, you can identify various possibilities to get your application processed successfully. There are several benefits of applying through
  1. Quick and easy process.
  2. You can apply from anywhere, the complete process is online with transparency. It allows you to check your account regularly for updates and keep track of your CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes request.
  3. Secured payment options, alternative means of payment are also available.
  4. For services like interpretation, recommendation you can rely on Caipsfile team of experts who are well experienced.
  5. Caipsfile is authorized and registered agency/consultant in Canada.
  6. Special packages for Consultants.
With exact details in hand and through our expert’s advice you can be confident to avail better prospects.
Canada is well developed country with huge geographical land area. Every year thousands of people apply either for Temporary or Permanent Visa to Canada. The country has requirement to fulfill the labor shortage and most of the provinces intend to improve population with migrants from across the world This brings in lot of scope for all the candidates who are interested in migration or temporary residency. With this opportunity comes a challenge for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC),it receives thousands of applications many of these are refused due to various reasons. When a candidate receives refusal the Canadian Office provides just a general checklist with tick mark on relevant reason. This refusal letter format is fix and common for each respective visa category. This letter is mailed to all candidates who are refused a visa. But letter has limited general reasons with no personalize review updates or personal circumstances which were considered at a time of application assessment.
We will get you personalize report stating exactly what went wrong and exact reasons for refusal. Once you know the exact reasons you can re-apply with relevant documents and details enabling visa prospects.
In case if you receive an interview request and you have obtained CAIPS notes it will be highly beneficial as you will be completely aware why visa officer wants to interview you. What are the queries that are sorted at time of Interview i.e. precise reason for interviewing?
Once you apply for any type of visa details are uploaded on CAIPS, FOSS and GCMS notes but this may remain blank until and unless paper screening has been initiated by the respective office. Importantly it has detail pertaining to “bring forward date” this is by when CIC will start next stage processing this also indicate where currently you application is located. So you can also track your applications location and understand why the application is taking so much of time, is it due to some pending documents or inquiry is pending or it’s just due to sheer volume applications received by CIC.