Why Caips Notes Required?

CAIPS notes are requested for any type of Canadian visa application that is made from outside of Canada while FOSS notes can be requested for any type of Canadian visa application that is made from within Canada. GCMS notes can be requested from inside as well as outside of Canada. CAIPS is a system maintained by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Canadian High Commissions for all types of visa applications. The system includes details of the applicant, dependents if any, documents submitted, incomplete/pending documents or additional documents requested by the CIC, carry-forward dates, and visa officers’ remarks at each stage of the file clearance to the final outcome, i.e. either approval or refusal.

When Your Visa Application is Refused

When Application Process Undergoes Delay

When CIC Requests for an Interview

When CIC Requests for Additional Documents

For Checking the Status of Your Visa

For Additional Medical Test

Why choose Caipsfile.ca?

Caipsfile is an authorized agency providing services for CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS notes. If you have faced any Canada Visa Rejection then Caips/FOSS/GCMS notes are the perfect solution, the notes can help you know the exact reasons for Canada Visa Rejection. If you are re-applying for any type of visa for Canada or just want to check the status of your visa, our services can prove useful in accelerating your visa re-application process. We came up with the idea of processing CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS notes to help individuals with the delay in their visa process or Canada Visa Refusal.

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  • Step 1 - Application detailsStart with the secure & easy to complete online order
    form. We collect the minimal amount of information
  • Step 2 - PaymentNext make the payment using an option convenient to
    you. We operate exclusively with PCI compliant
    payment processors.
  • Step 3 - Consent formThe last step is to complete the prefilled consent form.
    The form may be scanned and e-mailed to us or
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