CAIPS will help you to understand the reasons for the refusal or delay in your visa application. You will also get to know the reason why the CIC requested for additional documents. If you have faced refusal and wish to re-apply, then it is suggested you apply for Caips notes for better chances at visa approval. Whether your Canada PR application is rejected or your Canada student visa is rejected – you can apply for GCMS Notes, CAIPS Notes or FOSS Notes to file your visa refusal appeal. CAIPS Notes can help you know the reasons for visa refusal for any kind of application, be it Canada student visa or visitor visa for Canada.

At, we extend numerous benefits for our clients in many ways. Apart from providing a wide range of services, we also ensure utmost support and assistance from our side in order to guide our clients efficiently. Ordering CAIPS/GCMS/FOSS Notes is like a tremendous launch pad for you towards a successful Canada visa reapplication. Along with that, these notes are an amazing information provider when it comes to the minutest to the biggest of details concerning your Canada visa application. CAIPS/GCMS/FOSS Notes can also be very beneficial to the clients in case CIC decides to request them for an interview or requests for biometrics or any additional documents. Here are the multifarious benefits of ordering CAIPS through

1. Quick and easy process while ordering.

2. You can apply from anywhere; the complete process is online and transparent.

3. Secured payment options, alternative means of payments are also available.

4. For services like interpretation and recommendation, you can rely on CaipsFile’s team of experts who are highly experienced and proficient.

5. Caipsfile is an authorized and registered agency in Canada.

6. Special packages for Consultants.

Canada is a well-developed country with a huge geographical land area. Every year thousands of people migrate to Canada or apply for a temporary resident visa – TRV to live in Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada – CIC receives thousands of visa applications of which some are refused due to various reasons. When an application is refused by the CIC, they send a refusal letter to the candidate. The refusal letter consists of the reasons why they rejected your visa application.
The refusal letter has limited general reasons that do not specifically point to the actual reason for the refusal. The list of the reasons is pretty vague in the refusal letter; therefore it is advisable to order CAIPS notes. CAIPS is a personalized report wherein you will get to know what went wrong and the exact reasons for refusal. CAIPS gives you the benefit of knowing your flaws and analyzing your case from the visa officer’s perspective. Once you are aware of the exact reasons you can then re-apply with appropriate documents and minutiae enabling visa prospects.

In case you receive an interview request and you have obtained CAIPS notes it will benefit you as you will be completely aware of the points the appointed visa officer will ask you. As a benefit, you will be able to crack the interview and will be able to convince the officer that you are a genuine candidate.

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